Did you know? …Many of the signs and symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are similar to those of Convergence Insufficiency (an eye co-ordination deficiency).  Both conditions can make it difficult for a student to concentrate in class, resulting in reduced reading efficiency and trouble completing assignments.  Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency (with eye exercises or glasses) can improve the ability to complete schoolwork successfully.How to help your child use vision effectively:    

Balance visual activities:  Introduce 5-minute rest breaks for computer or study sessions longer than 30-45 minutes.  Alternate such sessions with recreational (preferably outdoor) activities. Enforce vision care rules:  It’s important to ensure that proper lighting, posture, viewing distance and eyeglasses (if needed) are used for all visual tasks. Rest and nutrition: Sufficient sleep and healthy food support healthy eyes and good vision. Annual eye examinations:  In Ontario, comprehensive eye examinations for children 19 years of age and under are covered by OHIP once every 12 months.  Make an eye examination with a Doctor of Optometry a regular part of your child’s regular health care routine.