We provide a full range of contact lens options in both soft and rigid gas permeable materials. Disposable lens options for single vision (both sphere and astigmatism), cosmetic colours and bifocal lenses are available.

Custom contact lenses for post surgical and trauma patients as well as conditions such as Keratoconus are also available.

We now offer a wide range of in stock soft Contact Lenses and online Contact lens reordering, including delivery right to your door.  We offer contact lens options from various companies including: Johnson and Johnson, CIBA VISION, Cooper Vision and Bausch and Lomb.

As contact lenses are a medical device placed on the eye it is imperative that necessary evaluations are performed to determine the most appropriate fitting, comfort and vision for the patient.  As every patient has a unique shape to the cornea, the doctor will determine the most suitable lens for each patient while determining the most accurate parameters.