Contact lenses offer many people an alternative to eyeglasses for correcting their vision. Contact lenses are a viable option for active people, athletes, and those people who prefer the freedom from eyeglasses. Your optometrist has the training and qualifications to specify the proper lens material, fitting design, and care regime that would work best for your eye condition. Soft Contact Lenses

Worn by 85% of all contact lens wearers Do not dislodge easily or trap debris under the lens Available in a wide variety of materials, prescriptions, and tints Soft-toric lenses can be used for correction of astigmatism Soft bifocal contact lenses are also available in many designs Can be discarded after a specified length of time Benefits are convenience, reduced cleaning time, and healthier eyes

  Rigid Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses

Offer excellent vision correction for most eye conditions Especially suitable for correcting higher degrees of astigmatism Available in bifocal designs More durable and longer-lasting than soft contact lenses Care, handling, and maintenance is relatively simple Adaptation takes much longer than soft contact lenses Can become dislodged from the cornea Debris can get underneath the contact lens

  Contact Lens Do’s & Dont’s

Do follow your optometrist’s recommendations with your contact lens wearing/replacement schedule and solutions Do wash your hands before inserting or removing your lenses Do not share or exchange your lenses with anyone else Do not wear a torn or damaged contact lens Do put soft contact lenses on before putting on your make-up Do not use hand cream before inserting contact lenses Do not wear your contact lenses if your eyes are red or sore Do not sleep with your lenses on unless recommended by your optometrist

  Specialty Contact Lenses Designs

Orthokeratology lenses to temporarily reduce or eliminate myopia Advanced lens designs for patients with keratoconus Custom contact lenses for certain cosmetic/therapeutic needs Monovision design with 1 distance and 1 reading contact lens