1) Does OHIP cover my eye exam?

OHIP covers annual exams for children19 and under and adults 65 and older. Between the ages of 20-64, OHIP does not cover the cost of the examination. Patients between the ages of 20-64 with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, or specific eye conditions may be covered annually by OHIP. Please call our office for further details.

2) What Insurance Carriers do you accept and can you direct bill?

We accept all insurance carriers. Currently Greenshield, Great West Life and BlueCross allow for vision expenses to be billed directly online by our office. For all other insurance carriers, our patients will be provided receipts and necessary insurance forms completed to expedite the claim process.

3) Can Optometrists prescribe drugs to treat eye disease and conditions?

As doctors of optometry, we are well trained to diagnose, manage and treat eye diseases and emergencies. Should the need arise; our doctors will prescribe medications to treat any eye related conditions found during the examination. At our office, we make every effort to accommodate walk-in appointments in order to have you seen by the doctor in a timely manner.

4) Do you have evening appointments and are you open on the weekend?

We are open from Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and on  Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Please call our office to book an appointment and we will make a sincere effort to accommodate your schedule.

5) My child already had an annual eye examination, but now is complaining about their vision. Will my child be covered by OHIP although it has been less than one year from the date of the last full eye exam?

Yes. Children 19 and under and adults 65 and over, are covered by OHIP for any minor visits or emergencies at any time. Feel free to call our office to book an appointment.

6) Does your office provide annual reminders? Will my insurance cover me on an annual basis?

Our office staff will provide courtesy calls to remind patients that they are due for their annual examination. Given the nature and severity of certain eye conditions, our doctors may request a visit on a quarterly or semi annual basis. If so, our doctors will inform you at the completion of your examination.
Although most insurance carriers provide vision coverage every 24 months, at our office we believe that prevention and early detection are the necessary steps to healthy vision for life. Our doctors, therefore, recommend annual eye examinations.  Every insurance plan is patient specific. Please call your insurance carrier regarding your coverage details.

7) Can I reorder my contacts on your website if I am an existing patient? What if I am a new patient?

Absolutely. Just click on the reorder contact lenses tab on the home page and send us a quick note of your name and the supply you want. We will order your contacts and even can ship them right to your door.  If you are a new patient that has a valid contact lens prescription, you may scan the prescription and send us an email.  If you have a valid spectacle prescription and are interested in contact lenses, please call our office to book a contact lens fitting.

8) Do I need a driver to accompany me if I am being dilated? How long will the effects of dilation last?

Since dilation may cause blurred vision, our doctors recommend that you have a driver accompany you. The dilation typically will cause blur and sensitivity to light for approximately 4-6 hours. It is also recommended that you bring along a pair of sunglasses that will assist you upon leaving the office.

9) What forms of payment does your office accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Interac and Cash Payments. We DO NOT accept cheques.