Optometrists are your eye doctors. Optometrists specialize in examining, diagnosing, treating, managing and preventing diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and related structure, making Ontario’s optometrists your primary eye and vision health doctors.Recommended treatments for patients can include eyeglasses, contact lenses, special low vision aids, eye co-ordination exercises, drug therapies, or referral to appropriate specialists for advanced medical, surgical or laser treatments.Like physicians and dentists, optometrists are regulated health professionals who have completed a specialized 4-year University post graduate degree program, which includes extensive lectures and clinical training experience in human health and vision systems, optics, and patient care.Optometrists, Opthalmologists and Opticians. We call these “The Three ‘O’s.” But what is the difference between each practitioner? The charts below explains the responsibilities of each:

A regular eye exam is a key part of good vision health. Use our find an optometrist directory to find an eye doctor near you and to schedule an appointment.